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This peptidyl aldehyde is an inhibitor of chymotrypsin-like activity of the multicatalytic proteinase complex (MPC; 20S proteasome) in HT4 cells. It is the first inhibitor reported so far which can cause accumulation of ubiquitinylated proteins in neuronal cells. Furthermore, this compound induced massive apoptosis in murine leukaemia L1210 cells. Therefore, proteasome inhibitors may be considered as potential anti-neoplastic agents.

Lit. E.B.-M.Traenckner et al., EMBO J. 13, 5433 (1994)/ M.E. Figueiredo-Peireira et al., J. Neurochem. 63, 1578 (1994)/ C. Wojcik et al., Apoptosis 2, 455 (1997)